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Pest control treatment of spiders begins with an exterior application to reduce any existing activity. This application around your home may include; lower perimeter, around doors and windows, eaves, gutters, porches, decks and exterior light fixtures. Interior applications should only be made if spiders are excessive, otherwise control can be achieved using manual removal of webs and egg sacs.

Tips on how to reduce conditions that attract or support house spiders:

Spiders build webs near exterior lighting because they attract flying insects. Change bulbs to yellow or reduce the time  exterior lights are used.

  • Remove clutter and store items inside.
  • Ensure screens fit snugly.
  • Vacuum or sweep webs and egg sacs to remove.

Regular treatments around the exterior of your home are effective in controlling spiders when made in conjunction with limiting the conditions that attract spiders. Inside, spiders can be managed by removing webs, using insect glue traps and careful treatment with spider control products. House spiders are a year round pest and require continued vigilance to manage their activity in and around a home. Pest Control Advantage can help keep this problem under control. Call us now.