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Pest control of mice and rats should be done by professionals who know how to expertly cleanup rodent infestations and prevent future infestations. Rodent cleanup involves several steps: first is to clean up the rodent droppings, urine, and carcasses. Second, decontamination of the entire area affected by the rodent infestation and removal of the rodents as well. Lastly, the rats or mice must be expertly blocked from re-entering your home or office. This service can be applied to mice, possums, and birds.

Pest control of rodents is the first step in getting rid of an infestation.

They leave behind urine, droppings, and pheromones which all attract other rodents. Until this rat and mice contamination is cleaned up, you will continue to attract rodents to your home or office.  Call Pest Control Advantage for help now.