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Common Questions

Will rats or possums cause any damage if they are living in my ceiling?

Yes, rats and possums can chew on wiring causing electrical damage and fires. Their urine and faeces can stain ceilings and walls.

Can I trap and remove possums from my house and let them go elsewhere?

No, it is illegal to relocate a possum more than 50 metres from where they are caught. You can be fined under the Parks and Wildlife Act  if caught doing so

Are possums a protected species?

Yes, under the Parks and Wildlife Act.

Does my home and contents insurance cover pest damage?

No. Most policies do not cover pest damage such as termite or rodent damage and timber replacement.

I’m planning to have my carpet cleaned. Will that affect the Pest Control treatment?

It’s best to do the pest control after carpets have been cleaned or vacuumed.